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Magic Horoscope foretells that love will make you smile. You’ll enjoy Cupid’s favour, wherever you are.

Make the most of this state of grace during the week, for it won’t last forever, and solve those little cohabitation issues while there’s still magic in the air.

Even so, there will be moments in which you’ll feel like an alien stranded in a sea of humans, and you’ll want to make yourself invisible, feeling like you’re in an emotional rollercoaster.

If you’re single, you’ll have to learn to be more versatile, to have better chances; if you’re happy with yourself, everything will be easier.

Also, when it comes to seducing someone, the power to make them smile and your sense of humour will be your best assets.

And remember to give your relatives and friends the time they deserve; someone who’s not much older than you needs you to give them a hand, but they won’t know how to ask.

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At work, make use of all the patience you've got, because someone won’t let you carry on with your work in peace and quiet; these days you’ll have confirmation that you’re a key asset for making everything work properly.

There will be some profit opportunities for those Taurus who are true artists; podrán you’ll be able to sell your art and sing interesting projects, and you’ll have new ideas.

Lastly, be very careful with the cash you handle, and watch out for those who might try to give you a counterfeit banknote.

This crime is as old as money itself!.


Over the next seven days you’ll be supported by several Magic Horoscope planets, which will align to protect your health and give you lots of energy.

You’ll feel more optimistic and self-confident, and you’ll find appropriate and efficient tools to fight the stress and anxiety that can sometimes haunt you.

The sum of all these things, will keep you in high spirits, able to cast your problems aside, rather than carrying them on your shoulders all day long.

go for a swim in the sea, and connect with nature