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You’ll feel the need to give some intensity to your relationships, and you’ll tell your partner very clearly that if things don’t change, you’ll want out; logically, this will only create tension and clashes.

But think any big decisions through very carefully; if you rush into things you might regret it later on (even if you have chosen what’s best for you).

If you’re in a happy relationship, your happiness is certain, as you’ll listen to each other and you’ll even swear eternal love to each other once more, as if it were the beginning.

Free all of your feelings, think that you’re the protagonist of your life and you shouldn’t act in fear of what others might say. Let go of that important secret that has been tormenting you in the area of love, don’t bottle it up.

If you’re single, you’ll be looking for a change, you’ll know how the make the most of what life has to offer, and change what you don’t like in your love life.

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You’ll be very dynamic and enterprising in your financial matters, even the stars will prompt you to be more daring and avoid fear of failure. This confident attitude will be very gratifying.

Financial investments will tempt you, but you’ll have to analyze if you’re investing your money in reliable things or in a fantasy you’ve created in your head and which doesn’t match reality. Look for guarantees, not promises.

If you request a loan, make sure you can pay it back, and that the money you receive allows you to solve existing problems; if you’re impulsive you’ll only waste money and you’ll create new problems, Taurus.


There’s nothing to fear. Even the most fragile of Taurus will have a quiet week, so long as you avoid behaving imprudently. And this means you should pay attention to your doctor’s instructions, don’t dismiss them just because you’re embracing new alternative therapies.

Steer clear of external problems, especially if you’re having a vulnerable day.

Look for people with whom you can do activities where you have to move a lot, whether it’s at the gym or dancing with friends, why not?

A good nap might allow you to recover your energy if you notice that your strength and vigour decrease come the afternoon: ten or fifteen minutes should do the trick.