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You won’t have any difficulties conveying your point of view in terms of love, but the stars advise caution if you see there’s a storm brewing. If there’s trouble, rather than raising your voice, be diplomatic.

You wouldn’t want to start a war at home, would you? Especially if it’s over a triviality.

If you’re in a relationship, audacity will be very prevalent, and you’ll use it to demand love in the most ingenious of ways. Or perhaps you’ll be the one to receive a surprise in a way you’d never expected?

Love will inspire you this week, Taurus, and you’ll know how to combine desire, love and pleasure. You might even try new things at some point, which you thought you’d never try.

If you’re single, you’ll be overcome by a very strong feeling, you might have your eye on someone special, and you might have to make a choice during the second half of the week.

Your heart will choose, and you’ll find what initially will look like your soulmate; afterwards, you’ll have to work to see if that’s really the case.

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It’ll be a great week to find a new job (or just a job, if you’re currently unemployed), especially if you do all you can to make your ideas come true.

In terms of finances, you’ll finally have a lucky strike… If you do everything in your power to turn your projects into a reality rather than leaving them stashed away in a drawer.

Look for help, support and sponsorship amongst your contacts. Everything will go in the right direction. Keep going, Taurus!


If your diet is rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, you’ll be able to sail through the trickiest days of the week without any issues, it would also be good if you consume dairy products (unless you’re allergic or intolerant to dairy, naturally).

If you’re currently undergoing medical treatment, you’d better follow the instructions to a T, or the recovery you long for so much will not arrive as soon as you hoped. You’ve been warned!

The stars will improve your relationships and invite you to do some leisure or sports activities with your loved ones.

And also, to call that person you’ve drifted apart with, exercise could help rebuild what seemed irreparable.