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You won't care at all that there's people with no other goal in life but to analyse every move you make, and who comes in and out with you through the door.

Fortunately, you barely even care about what they'll say, you've got the strength of the bull who gives your zodiac sign a name.

And still, the stars encourage you to keep exploring love in a free, yet sensible way, letting whoever you want into your heart or your bed if you both agree for that to happen.

No one will be able to hurt you, because this week, the radar to find wolves dressed in sheepskin works better than ever. Hurray!


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To make riches look your way, don't just look out for your finances, but also for those of the people close around you, and even those of the people you consider your rivals because they work in your same field of expertise.

The more interested people are about your products or services and those of your fellow workers, the better chances there'll be to make business and money.

The stars advise you to do whatever you can to recommend other people for open positions, to do whatever you can to promote job placement and client acquisition for other people.

In the end, any kind actions you take will end up coming back to you, and even twice or three times as much.

In the same way, be very careful about the way you end January, which is halfway through the week, because in the last few days of the month there's things that could suddenly go wrong.


Although the year's just getting started, you want days to slide faster through the calendar, so that new winds boost the sails of your boat.

You're quite sensitive, and could embrace the issues of others as if they were your own, in a practice of empathy that could even be seen as unhealthy.

Try not to be such a sponge, but keep tending to the needs and concerns of your loved ones any time you can.

And while we're at it, do some reflection of how you've achieved (or rather dodged) the resolutions you had for this 2019 to improve your health, physique, and how you'll make up for the time lost in the 11 months you've got ahead of you.