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This week will be marked by a few arguments and clashes in your relationship, it could even take you to the verge of a break up.

As the days go by, your sky will become cloudy and you’ll have to seek shelter: some storm will eventually drench your heart, Taurus.

To prevent the shower from becoming a flood that destroys everything in its path, you’ll have to restrain your whims and reactions. Restraining yourself is the key (but it’s not an easy thing to do).

If you’re single you might experience great passion for love. It won’t be easy, but it will be thrilling and rewarding.

You will be able to achieve some conquests, there’s no doubt about it; but it’s unlikely that the seeds you sow in this transition between July and August will yield any fruit. In other words, you won’t find your soulmate just now.

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You’re very smart and you’ll also have a great ability to project your charm and confidence in your profession.

No one will remain indifferent to your potential so long as you give the best of yourself, combining your talent and ambition, without forgetting security.

Not all Taurus will receive good news: some will realise it’s time to give up if they’ve been working on a project that isn’t yielding results.

You’ll then have two choices: wallow in self-pity, or take it as a magical opportunity to rise from the ashes, stronger and wiser than before.


The Sun, being your source of vitality, will provide you a basic level of balance. But the rest is up to you!

You’ll need to channel your excess energy, otherwise, you’ll fall into a spiral of hyperactivity.

Also, make the most of Mars’s influence to start a new diet (but slowly, don’t pretend to lose 10 lbs in 3 days) as well as new habits which will help you stay in shape over the next few months.

Enjoy your free time, make sure you spend your time wisely and read a little, or meet up with that friend you always say “we really need to catch up.''

Have more appreciation for the small things, enjoy pleasant leisure activities and fill your lungs with pure air whenever you can.