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Don’t ask yourself why, but the Magic Horoscope will protect those who are in a relationship more than it will those who are searching for love, Taurus.

This week will be a time placed under Venus’s leadership, with a cozy atmosphere, very conducive for peaceful love and happy times with your other half, the one you love so much you try to make happy with everything you’ve got.

If you’re in a new relationship you’ll strengthen your bond and you’ll trust in an emotional future while you rejoice in how beautiful life is, you’ll think about having children or moving in together.

The intensity of your desires and feelings can overwhelm and blind you, if you’re single; your manners won’t be the best, even if you try to resist the current harmful waves, which will only bring you trouble or disillusionment.

Someone will want to toy with the flame of your love, but you’d better shut the door in their face; you’re better off without them.

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Are you currently looking for a job? If that’s the case, be more patient: soon you’ll have the chance to find a position which fits your interests and skills. But you’d do well to turn down the first offer you receive.

If you wish to improve your conditions at work, go over your contract and see if they’re willing to change what you do or your schedule. You could also speak with your union.

Under Saturn’s benefits, this will be a period of financial success, and you’ll have the option to take some risks and speculate.

Luck will be firmly on your side, allowing you to significantly increase your profits with minimal effort, just by being in the right place at the right time.


You have a lot of mental energy, and you’ll say yes to any proposal, challenge or dare you to receive, but you need to save your strength a bit.

Don’t work too much, learn to turn off your mobile phone and to enjoy your family life a bit more. Don’t push your body too much, or you’ll be very sore afterwards.

In any case, avoid any exercise which is too strenuous, especially contact sports such as martial arts, wrestling or boxing.

If you feel weak try taking a multivitamin supplement, nowadays you can buy them in any supermarket.