Taurus Weekly Horoscope
Taurus Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You’ll experience a rekindling of romantic passion. There’s a fresh and warm wind blowing in your sails, and you’ll be filled with satisfaction when you see your partner is being more attentive than usual. Your head will be full of great ideas to make everything easier and more comfortable. You’ll shake off some thoughts which accosted you during the night when in the depths of solitude you wondered whether continuing with your relationship was worth it, or whether you should end it for good. Fortunately, these thoughts are a thing of the past now.

At times, your charm will be more than brilliant and you’ll manage to seduce anyone you choose to, make them dance to your tune.

If you’re taking a break from your relationship, you’ll be able to get back together if you both choose to. You’ll find fire where others thought there was nothing but ashes.

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There’s good news for Taurus: money won’t be a problem for you, everything will flow and you won’t struggle to make ends meet at any point.

The stars give you courage and good sense, and you’ll manage to make any projects you have bloom. You have great tenacity, and you’ll see that all your efforts were worthwhile.

This week you’ll be able to reap more than you can imagine, but if you have a chance to continue sowing, go for it! In fact, there’s good omens for signing new work contracts, and international agreements, especially.


Your wellbeing is the stars’ focal point. On one hand, you want to take better care of yourself, but on the other, you lack the necessary tools. Lately, you’ve read lots of news about what’s good or bad for your health, and now you don’t know what to believe anymore.

You’ll even think that some foods you’ve eaten all your life have now been branded really toxic. If you need to clear up any doubts, consult with a certified healthcare professional; don’t trust alternative therapies.

A good way to cheer yourself up will be by looking back, giving a touch of nostalgia to your daily life. You could call some old friends, or listen to that album which filled you with energy when you were younger.