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At a first glance, this is a pretty ordinary week love-wise. You won't have to pack up to go to your parents' place because you had an argument, nor for any other reason.

What's more, even if your partner wants to argue, their complaints will come in through one ear and out the other.

Nothing will make you mad or grind your gears, so you'll find full harmony within yourselves.

In fact, around your family you'll feel the kindness you've managed to bring, and all the love you've given will come back without you even having to ask for it.

You'll also feel the warmth of an honest hug right at the time you need it the most.

You should watch out with new technologies, no matter if you're single or taken, because you could seriously mess up.

Maybe the person you're texting isn't the best secret-sharing partner.


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You have to constantly move around and be active at work, so it won't be any good if you get stuck, alright?

And if you think you can't make it with your current job (it might be the right time to analyse your finances to avoid mistakes or fallbacks) you should think about how you can make some extra money.

Perhaps a second job that doesn't demand too much of your time, something light, such as delivering paper ads.

But don't forget that you need to get wet if you want the big fish, and that no one's giving you anything just because.

In fact, you might have to gather some strength to get into a trial to be compensated for unfair actions taken against you, where your money has a lot to say.


The stars have a message for you this week: yout stomach is doing just fine, you're not sick.

All you have to do is avoid having those thick, rich, heavy meals, those strong meals that make your belly roar in discomfort. The key to solve it is not only to restrict fried foods, but also to get rid of snacking.

Your mood will be going up and down and you might have to find strength out of nothing to face some festive commitments, whether they are related to family or friends.

You need to try to smile more, okay? Even in the hardest times.

If you're undergoing medical treatment, don't even think about skipping it with excuses like going for a few beers. Health is no joke!