Taurus Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You have a strong desire to fly free, it reverberates strongly in your mind and you allow your primary instincts to guide you. Passion flows through your veins and you don’t weigh the consequences of your decisions and your actions.

You have the idea that everything is wonderful, that the world is your oyster and no one can hurt you. Be careful, or you’ll get a reality check that will show you how your thirst for freedom is hurting your partner or your family. Don’t lose perspective and don’t take your feet off the ground.

If you’re single, you’ll focus more on changing what you don’t like about your body or your personality; you want to like yourself, as this is the only way you’ll attract others.

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Your accounts are a lot clearer than in previous weeks. The arrival of November has positively affected your finances, you know how to overcome the obstacles that life puts in your way. You don’t need anyone to help you get up when you fall, you know how to fend for yourself.

Your willpower is strong, you want to achieve your goals soon and you’ll do everything in your power to reap the rewards of your work. You’ll have to stand out, and shine brighter than your rivals and colleagues.

You can make a lot of money this week with matters related to communications and sales, your communication skills will be astounding and you’ll convince anyone with your arguments. You overcome your nerves and decide to always tell the truth, Taurus.


You’ll be in great shape this week, and you’ll have the ability to recover from injuries and medical procedures. The stars give you optimism and more energy. However, don’t try to rush things, some wounds take longer to heal, both physically and spiritually.

Going for a walk outside will help you clear your mind, and the sunlight will do you a world of good.

If you fancy a challenge, don’t drink any sugary drinks during these seven days, drink water and infusions instead.