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You’re in a hurry to achieve romantic success, and this can make you lose your head at times, where you forget to keep your feet on the ground in your search for an idyllic life.

What’s more, if you’re in a relationship there could be problems linked to jealousy, or even romantic doubts. Do you really love your partner? You’ll ask yourself this when a very attractive thirds party appears in your life.

Dialogue will be your only tool to heal the wounds on your hearts. Don’t make excuses, if it seems like the relationship is cooling down you need to sit down and have a chat. Plus, the other party has something important to tell you, and if you don’t give the best of you they won’t open up.

If you’re single, the stars advice moderation. The celestial bodies exercise their influence again, making you lose your head and your control, you won’t woo anyone like that, Taurus. Small and steady steps are what you need if you want to triumph in love.

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The general feeling in your finances will be instability. So the first thing you need to do is reduce your expenses this week, and make wise choices where you don’t give in to your whims orthose of your family.

This will be a complicated matter, because the media will stimulate your desire to burn through your savings (if you have any).

You’ll see, unfortunately, that money can’t be manufactured nor does it grow from the plants in your garden. And that business isn’t a board game where nothing happens if you lose a big sum.

When replacing appliances which are breaking down inexplicably think environmentally friendly (this also applies when buying clothes). It’s better to repair them than to throw them away and buy new ones. Think about the environment, and what kind of planet you’re leaving for your children.


Your gutton spirit, if not under control, can make you put on a lot of weight. You could bake some sweets and cakes at home to control your cravings, it’ll be better than going to the shop and coming back with a cart full.

Plus, your digestive system will be sensitive. Look after your diet, avoid eating spicy food and saturated fats, especially if you’ve had bowel problems (or hemorrhoids) in the past.

If you’re on holidays, careful with how many hours you spend in the sun, and when the heat eases off, you should go for a good walk.