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Leave the silly strings and partying behind already, because we're well into 2019 and you need to stop daydreaming about future projects. It's time to step right into action, Taureans.

Thus, the Magic Horoscope describes that during this intense week ahead of you, monotony will manifest itself in the form of flying daggers from all directions (and therefore, you're more than likely to get hurt).

If you want to find culprits, you might want to do some soul-searching to see if you're doing everything you can to make your partner happy, because it's quite likely that you aren't.

We regret to inform you that, under a general scope, you'll be in another world when it comes to the love that the world can offer you.

In fact, by the time you feel like finding a way to ignite sparks, you might not find any embers, but the strongest, coldest ice, impossible to break.



This week, as well as the whole of January, it'll be quite a hard time for currently unemployed native Taureans.

Hope might fade, but try not giving up. It's the last thing you can and should do.

How about seeing this as a chance to deconstruct your profile and make a stronger, more solid one?

Finally, if something smells fishy, don't let it slide. Get rid of what isn't working financially for you, and don't let a rotten apple poison the rest of the crop.

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How do the goals you set up for yourselves look as we enter a brand new year?

We can tell you they're way too high and unachievable. You might get them done, but it won't be a quick, steady progress.

Thus, try to set goals that benefit your wellness which you can slowly but surely get done. It needs to be slow but steady progress.

Finally, Taureans, watch your sleep hours, especially if you don't want sleep becoming a mistake-inducing health issue.

More than once and twice, your step will be off-beat, and it'll take some serious artsy skills to find the right pace at which you can gracefully move around.