Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 8 - 14 April

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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- Love
- Money
- Health


Having a wild imagination, many Taurus will manage to fulfill some of their fantasies with their partner.

Perhaps you used to be a bashful person, incapable of accepting your partner’s sexual preferences and paraphilias, but you’ve come a long way.

The Magic Horoscope wants you to know that this new thing you’re interested in will rekindle the flames and will heat things up wonderfully.

Also, there’s no adverse forecasts for you and your partner this week, you’ll have a very strong and magical bond.

If you’re single, Venus will help you flirt, especially when attending events.

Haste is your enemy, wait to be completely sure before taking big steps forward, Taurus.

At times you’ll experience the most profound serenity, and it will allow you to see what’s best for your heart.

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Professionally, you’ll show great enthusiasm and efficiency most of the week.

But don’t be too demanding or critical of those beneath your station, or you’ll risk a mutiny; and, naturally, this would negatively impact the performance of your company.

If your business is linked to other countries or with travel, you’ll go through a period of inconveniences, full of stressful delays and complications.

To avoid financial liabilities, avoid doubtful speculative transactions, it’s no different than gambling when you lose.

Think about it carefully and don’t be so impatient; calculate your budget in detail and listen to your sixth sense.


This week will be filled with introspection, where you will analyze what your weak spots are, by asking yourself a thousand questions.

You’ll want a break from your daily routine, to enrich your intellect and uplift your spirit.

Follow your inspiration, allocate a little bit of your free time to reading good books and to thinking.

Watch your diet if you want to finish the month with a few less pounds, and, above all, eliminate harmful habits such as smoking, which ruins not only your lungs and your health, but also your finances.