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The general theme this week will be that you’ll be more defensive than usual. Don’t pick fights, and work on your inner harmony.

Of course, it will be tricky due to your hectic life, full of mental stimuli and agitation, combined with your need for action, otherwise, everyone would be able to find their inner self and be at peace with the world!

A budding love story is becoming official, but you’ll feel you need more time in the day to dedicate to it, Taurus. But if you allow yourself to fall into Venus’s embrace, your fears will disappear little by little.

Your love life will ignite if you’re in a relationship: you’ll demand more attention, and you’ll notice that the point you’re at in your relationship doesn’t fully match your expectation.

Find new and fulfilling activities to do together, to spice things up and rekindle the flame.

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The sky and your stars show you how to find bargains today, and you’ll be quite good at it: you’ll make other signs jealous, without a doubt.

A completely unexpected situation will make you earn money, you’ll receive a peculiar benefit. The current period is conducive for the flow of cash, take note of this, Taurus.

For some, the options to generate profit will be drafted, but they’ll lack the final push to materialize them.

If this is your case, chin up, don’t give up on that which is rightfully yours!

If you have a job interview this week, you’ll be particularly lucky (but only if you’re well prepared for it).


It’s a great time to channel your energy into your daily life and improve the quality of it. But you need to make more of an effort on your side, the stars aren’t watching over your shoulder or clearing the way for you.

You’re ready to think of positive changes for your home, your family, your intimacy. But you won’t know if you can trust your instinct and your gut, your sixth sense will be quite dulled.

If you have skin problems, this will be a good week to try new treatments to put an end to them.