Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 22 - 28 April

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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At home, your joie de vivre and enthusiasm will be contagious.

In your relationship, you’ll take the initiative and you’ll become the kind of leader your partner and children or other relatives will be happy to follow, due to your determined and enthusiastic attitude.

Happiness might knock on your door, but you risk becoming a tyrant if you push to see how far they will follow the path you set for them.

Lonely hearts will continue ringless, but some of them will think about making things official with someone they’ve been seeing, and, perhaps, one day, walking down the aisle.

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You have a talent for business, and you’ll close seemingly profitable agreements.

It would be a good idea to spend some time checking the small print which often hides key details, just to make sure everything is as verbally agreed.

Some Taurus will have to deal with envious and toxic people, or perhaps with traitors or spies who are trying to copy your strategies behind your back.

You’ll be judicious when purchasing things, you’ll stay calm and won’t let yourself get carried away by consumerism.

You could return a few items you bought previously which you don’t need, and thus, get some money back.


Under the tutelage of Mars, you’ll have an enviable vitality, which you will use wittingly.

You’ll feel capable of moving mountains, and I’m sure you could if you tried.

You’ll also be more optimistic and daring than your sign usually is, due to a latent anxiety.

These favourable impulses of the Magic Horoscope during the end of April, will help you get rid of the fears which often take over you and get in the way of your success, they’re obstacles which are hard to overcome.

Also, start thinking about what book you’re going to read, because your mind is crying out to be fed knowledge. Will you pick an essay or will you prefer a classic novel?