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Grow your patience through intelligence, because today, Taureans, you have to avoid being a tyrant in your romantic relationships.

You'll experience arguments where you're probably absolutely right, but it will be very wrong to be swept away by the demons of rage.

Especially so because you could get poisoned and start opening up past wounds, which you had in theory closed off and forgotten about.

Use your logic, even if it's true that emotional reactions can often come straight from the gut.

Bury the hatchet and use kind words, because delicate attention will do more for peace than all the love statements and demonstrations you can think of.


According to the Magic Horoscope, you should avoid getting into more debt if you can: you may have trouble to pay it back and this will get you in a sticky situation.

Even more so if you ask for money for things that aren't urgent, like leisure, travelling or luxury items.

That's a sticky situation indeed, isn't it? Especially because the pace and amount of your spending will increase because of an outer influence.

You're well aware that debt is just another way to tie chains to your ankles when you should actually enjoy freedom to the fullest.

As a way to work it out, have some initiative and set a tight budget for the next few weeks.


Jupiter will make you quite reasonable, and you'll be ready to get rid of certain health-harming habits.

Still, you'll have to go to great lengths to reach these good goals, although you know it'll be worth it.

Thus, if you've decided to let yourselves go lately, now's the time to get back on the right track, at the end of which you'll cross the finish goal of high wellness levels.

Even if you think you can move mountains, the Magic Horoscope demands you to be careful and to avoid exaggerating. Respect the limitations of your body and avoid being crazy or reckless.