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Taurus Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Saturday 11th August

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You'll have good connections to your partner, especially if you've lived together for a while. You'll make a strong, united front together.

This way you'll back off any attempts to harm your solid bond, especially from people who could be absolutely diagnosed as pathological liars, the kind of people who can state lies even if you're seeing reality as what it is.

If you're single, you should watch out and avoid screaming it out loud, because passion may be waiting around the corner without you calling for it.

Even if you think your heart's wilting, you'll see it can blossom again like the brightest of flowers in spring. You'll feel bliss run through your veins again.


You perceive important transformations that have started taking place financially, although you can't pinpoint when they started.

Make a long-term bet if you need to design business plans or financial investments, although it wouldn't be a good idea to get interested in products related to real estate.

Be careful about getting too overwhelmed by optimism, because this is no time to splash the cash away.

Be especially careful about purchases related to beauty, fashion and looks. Cosmetics, clothing or hair styling could easily blow your budget!

Exploit your talent and wits to make some extra money, and think about whether you could find a way to go from rags to riches through your hobbies, or your unique special talent with crafts, baking or painting.


Your vitality will be incredible, quite over the average, and of course, you'll use it to do all sorts of things: work, family fun, your hobbies, your different personal businesses and affairs...

But still, pay attention, Taureans! With all this overflow of activities, you run the risk of invading others' personal space, even if you do so with the best of intentions.

Burning a white candle at the end of the day could bring some powerful spiritual peace, and it can help your mind open up and become more tolerant.