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Magic Horoscope Brings You the Latest Taurus Prediction for this Coming Monday 13th August

Read Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Monday
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Your heart is all tied up. You're the ones who unknowingly got it into these uncomfortable bonds that don't allow it to go wherever it wants.

How about starting off the week by being a bit more spontaneous and daring, Taureans?

If you have a partner, maybe it's time to improvise and break off your routine a little, to bring some variation into your sex life, to be spicier and get more passionate, no matter your age!

Spontaneity can lead you down some peculiar paths, especially if you don't have anyone making you sleepless who brings you to make a countdown of how long it will be until you see them next.

Thus, you may end up falling in love with someone who, for instance, has nothing to do with your usual goals or your lifestyle.

Whatever happens, today will be a fruitful day for love, even if you're confused at the beginning.


You actually have a much bigger chance to make money and grow than what you think.

Those bonds you strap around your heart also tie down your career goals, and you think it's impossible for you to improve your work conditions at all, such as having a better schedule, or a raise in your wages.

You need to keep your eyes open, to awaken from a dreamlike state that you brought upon yourselves, which is stopping you from looking for new possibilities, and from thinking that there's a wonderful world out there where you can shine bright if you let yourselves do so.


Energy needs to be measured so that it works to its full potential; using up all your powder at the beginning of the week might make you roam around endlessly on the next few days like a lifeless zombie.

The Magic Horoscope seriously encourages you to think how to improve your home's material comfort.

This could even be a good time to start changing houses and move somewhere else!

Meanwhile, you could start by making decoration have some sort of a feng-shui flair to attract money, wellness and good family relationships, and perhaps even draw bad vibrations away from the house.

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