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You can be happy about where you're standing. Look behind you and appreciate everything you've managed to get.

Many times you tend to underestimate yourselves, you and your partner, and you even come to believe your family's less worthy than anyone else.

It's time to get your head up high and feel proud, because you got all of this.

You know that life is a path of constant learning, and that you can't cling to a certain way of feeling or thinking.

What used to annoy you about your partner yesterday could mean nothing to you today, or you could even find it attractive. We have to evolve and think that the best is yet to come.


This Wednesday you'll go for a strong investment into a personal project or new activity, according to the Magic Horoscope's predictions. And if this chance doesn't come your way, you should go out and look for it.

Thanks to Saturn's help, your efforts will soon turn out to be blissfully fruitful, especially those that you don't usually share; the ones you do in the shadows waiting for them to shine on their own.

Your sense of opportunity will bring you some financial chances if you sharpen it up, but you should try to remain within the law-abiding limits; thus, you should reject risky businesses.


You're planning to undergo some sort of beauty treatment, but you think you shouldn't spend too much money to avoid breaking the bank, right, Taureans?

If you're doing it and go for an alternative treatment, you should be very mindful about hygiene and health levels for the centre you're attending.

Just because it's cheap, it doesn't mean it's harmful for you. That's silly!

But make sure everything follows rules top to bottom; otherwise, you'll suffer the consequences of faulty equipment or unqualified staff in your own skin.

Some misunderstandings, heated arguments or conflicts could take place today, and if you know how to be understanding and tolerant, you'll save yourselves from some anxiety bouts and headaches.