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Read Your Taurus Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Thursday 16th August

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Although Venus is in a bad position in your area, the impact it can have in your life doesn't have to be hard to deal with, at least not at first.

It is true that you may not feel comfortable about your matters of the heart, that you may be having a bad day where you'd rather stay alone, and you won't even want your partner to ask you how your day went.

At least you should try to make them understand that they shouldn't take into account your feelings today, they should remember what's happened so far and everything you've done together; that you just need a small break, and you should promise them that everything will go back to normal tomorrow.

That lonesome flair will also affect singles, and those that were feeling attracted to someone lately will see that affection transform into a slight indifference.


Today you'll have the chance to improve your financial situation, as long as you keep your eyes open.

You'll have serious investment opportunities, but you'll have to take them as they come along.

This way, you'll be able to make good business, and all the small delays and interruptions that made you waste time (and perhaps even money!) will quickly fall into oblivion.

Watch your savings, and don't tell anyone where or how much money you've got stashed away, because there's some toxic individuals around your wallet ready to stick their hands into belongings that aren't really their own.


Your self-esteem is wounded because of a Mercury retrograde period which makes your inner bliss and self-confidence fly away.

You take everything people say about you too personally, you assume that many jokes are actually real stabs on your back and not just small pranks. Sometimes you're even shrouded in paranoia and you think there's people criticising you when they're not even paying you any attention.

How about getting a makeover appointment, do something that looks better on you, and which lightens up your mood every time you see your reflection on a piece of glass or a mirror?