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Sunday's here, and even though you could arrange a romantic or family date, you're ready to be invisible, stay within your shell and make everyone think you're not around.

That misanthropy isn't healthy, talk to your partner and ask them to give you a hand to make peace with the Universe. The Magic Horoscope will try to help you on that.

Being so passionate and burning in other areas (even more so when the weekend comes) you'll have to try hard to be compatible with your partner, who can lose their energy trying to satisfy your excessive demands.

Uranus will make you want to take a big leap in this area, and you'll start feeling ready to break the chains that bring you down.


You'll undoubtedly have urgent pending issues in your career. Things that weren't solved properly which seem quite serious right now.

Show some strength and organise a meticulous program of future activities, and start listing names to make a team that's not only perfect, but also worthy of your trust.

Material wealth and comfort, as well as the satisfaction of your visual preferences, will be at the core of your financial concerns, on the other hand, and you will leave business affairs parked off at one side.

You tend to spend lots of money to satisfy those needs and you're running the risk of seriously breaking the bank once and for all.


You're obsessed with your looks today, and that's part of the reason why your self-confidence isn't that good.

What's disturbing you? Do you have a bit of cellulite, your eyes are sort of droopy?

There's thousands of remedies to make those features more invisible and to help you stop seeing them as flaws.

Check out some make-up tutorials, ask a stylist, but react! There's definitely something you can do to improve your looks and help your self-esteem heal up.

You'll also need to unwind from your energy overload, and this means it's time to do sport; the harder and the more dangerous it is, the better you'll be able to unwind and channel your rage and annoyance against the universe.