Taurus Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Monday 20th August by Magic Horoscope

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As native Taureans, if you were 15 years old today, you would be writing down in a personal diary all the beautiful things that would happen to you.

Today's a day to remember in love, which is boosted by a sense of harmony favoured by Venus, so there's the promise of a highly harmonious, peaceful love life.

It's time to pull out all the stops, because you'll manage to take some interesting steps in any direction you want, even if you're single and interested in someone who could be closer now than ever.

As a couple, shared projects will bring you closer to one another; they'll be a perfect link and a good way to strengthen your bond.


Taureans, you need to make your sensibility evident today with lots of intensity, because the Magic Horoscope, led by Jupiter, is watching over you to keep your finances steady.

Still, your mind could go (and it's already doing it) somewhere else; you think about yourselves too much, about the here and now, about spending everything right away in case there's no tomorrow waiting.

Living life to the fullest and making every minute count is wonderful; the stars don't say you're wrong on that.

However, tomorrow's surely coming, and it should get you with a solid base economy rather than a pair of empty hands and pockets because you couldn't handle your resources properly.

Do you have kids? In this case you should also instill certain values on them to make them appreciate how hard it is to earn money, which is so much harder than spending it.


Saturn advises you to eat healthy and to follow a diet divided in three balanced meals a day.

That way you'll find enough energy potential to face busy, hard days ahead.

It's also just as necessary to eat those meals in a calm, slow way. Are you one of those people to eat straight from the lunchbox in 5 minutes?

Juggle your schedule a little and enjoy your meal for a good while, because if you eat calmly you'll also have a healthier digestive process.