Magic Horoscope Reveals Your Taurus Horoscope for Tuesday August 21st

Health, Money and Love Prediction for Today, Tuesday
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This Tuesday's environment from the Magic Horoscope will be ideal for a good relationship with your partner.

If everything goes according to plan, and you don't do anything to change the star-set course, you'll develop many projects with your partner, and this will make it easier for you to face the delicate issues you're always embarrassed and uncomfortable about discussing.

And according to Venus' position, Taureans, in your case those issues aren't related to doubts about whether to continue or not, but more connected to money, how you're spending your resources, and how to use them from now on.

Can it be that you want another baby and that's why you're so concerned about your financial resources?

Jupiter will connect with Venus to increase your sensuality and they'll both favour intense, yet beautiful encounters; and if you're single, you'll have a good chance to meet the person with whom you want to share your current life.


There should be alarms going off within your mind, because you need to be ready to rumble and alert at work.

Mercury retrograde can give the feeling that some colleagues may be preparing a really mean surprise for you and they might ruin your reputation.

So the best thing to do, Taureans, is to watch and listen, but avoid trying to make any points, in case your game is subject to a turn-around and you end up looking bad.

Regarding money, you'll get chances for a financial transaction that will be beneficial and which could involve the selling of goods or values.

It could even mean you could have chances to find a new source of income.


Are you growing old? That question is often on your mind, especially because you can tell that the skills you used to have aren't the same anymore.

But still, there's something you should know: clocks don't tick to mark someone's age.

Don't compare yourselves to other people your age.

You are nothing but you and your circumstances, and you shouldn't be scared of years going by.

You can't allow your fear of blowing candles to stop you from looking forward to trying new things out.