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Full Horoscope for Taurus for This Coming Wednesday 22nd August by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Wednesday
Taurus Daily Horoscope |



You'll start off your Wednesday by sharing love all around, and to top it off, the planets in the Magic Horoscope will bring your partner under your protective wing.

This way, Taureans, you'll get to enjoy the sweetness and peace of your lovebirds' nest peacefully.

Everything will go smoothly as a couple, and it'd be great if you could prepare a candlelight dinner, which is kind of clichéd, but... how long has it been since you actually made one?

Even an outing for a nice glass of champagne somewhere nice with a view, or a night at the theater would be nice.

If you're single, this same star influence will make your crush come closer to you, and it's up to you to weave a net to catch their heart and have them stay by your side for many, many happy years.


Sometimes your job situation isn't the most ideal, and like everything else in life, there's very good things, but also some looming shadows that make certain days quite uncomfortable, and you wouldn't even want your worst enemy to have to go through them.

Still, if you open your eyes, Taureans, you'll see there's something quite educational in your career that could help you reach significant results, especially for our Taurean friends who work in anything related to the field of healthcare.

Because Mercury will give you some bonus wits to be perfectly aware of what's happening in front of you, thus getting an advantage that will make you stand out above everybody else.


You should be taking better care of your immune system and making sure that you aren't missing out on any essential vitamins or minerals to have a perfectly balanced wellness.

Taureans, we recommend you to watch your health. The stars' arrangement isn't worrisome at all, you can be sure.

Still, your endurance will come down, which can expose you to minor viruses that will keep you ill and hurt for days, and that can make your mood gradually go down like a balloon that has a small hole hard to find.