Taurus Magic Horoscope for 25th August

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The Magic Horoscope wants to start by telling you about family life, to which you should pay really close attention.

At a first glance, everyone's happy and you'll be living together under the sign of connection with your blood relatives.

But if you have to make a decision or act as the mediator in an argument, don't do it all by yourselves and ask your partner about it; they can be the best of advisors in this case.

On the other hand, although you'll be quite prone to jealousy, you'll have to be careful; otherwise your desire of possession towards your partner will become almost sickening, and you would end up being the tyrannical, unfair one.

If you still haven't got a special someone, you should forget about dates for the time being, because there's no success ahead of you according to the stars.


Pluto is concerned about building up your interests today, and if you're thinking about making any sort of investment, you should go into the world of arts.

The stars say it'll be the best time to modify certain agreements with your business partners or employers, because there can be new interesting agreements for both parties involved.

In your work or money-related obligations (it isn't too clear which), there'll be an unexpected event that will be greatly satisfying, and which will make other people bow in your presence because of your great performance.

Do you think you've spent too much lately, that you've been living beyond your means? You're the only ones to blame for this, did you know that?


You just went through times of hardship in many aspects, and your nervous state still has sequels going on, which is obviously visible.

Taureans, you've got lots of reasons to rejoice, because according to the Magic Horoscope's predictions, you'll be entering a beneficial stage for your wellness.

According to the planets, during this stage you'll be able to be much more constructive and effective in your actions, and especially more so when taking care of yourselves.

And remember to use your next stock of extra energy from this new stage positively.