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After a pretty ideal period, things will get worse in matters of the heart. But there's nothing to worry about, alright?

Love has its ups and downs, it's a constant flow, where it is equally boring and tedious to have everything go either smooth sailing, or a daily hell.

This Tuesday, the Magic Horoscope points out that serious disagreements will block your partner's mind, and cause a deep misunderstanding.

Make love your shield and try to fight so that there's no wars going on, and there's no wounded hearts to heal up.

Are you Taureans without a name on your heart? In this case, the stars' position says that you'll have trouble to see things clearly as they are.

Don't shelter yourselves off from any blossoming love story, because you'll soon be disappointed because of your high expectations.


Today Mercury wants to test your native Taurean nerves, and it will do so through financial affairs.

Thus, it will put you into situations where you'll have to take significant financial risks, even in areas where you're not that skilled or knowledgeable.

But don't worry, because this planet should help you make safe, well thought out decisions.

And just as if it wasn't enough, the god of commerce will also be in favour of real estate transactions. What else could you want?

Unfortunately, not everything will be smooth sailing. Pay attention to your home appliances, because one of them will stop working and it'll be time for a repair.


Do you spend long endless hours in front of the computer because of work?

The Magic Horoscope points out that you should stretch your muscles today so that you don't become stiff, Taureans.

This is something that could be pretty interesting to our Taurean computer scientists, writers and others in the same type of professions.

Your hips can compress when you spend a long time in the same posture, so you should try to do exercise to stretch and release pressure off of them.

How about placing your hands on your waist, putting your legs together and moving your hips alternatively as if they were a pendulum?