Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



How about starting your Thursday off by building up your generosity a little, trying to devote your day to making others happy and filling the hearts of your loved ones with bliss?

Be kind! Venus will give you the chance of offering up a precious token of love to the man or woman of your dreams.

Take this chance now, because it can be a turning point in the story of your life.

If you act wisely you'll strengthen the bonds you share with one another, and you'll get a taste of a unique, heavenly moment that will give you pleasure in more than one area of life.

Today you should give up your demands, thus having more chances of getting to know the person who lights up your fire.

The love and tenderness of your loved ones, your family, will boost your bliss, and thanks to them you'll get to create stronger, warmer ties.


Ready to hear some great financial news?

According to native Taureans' Magic Horoscope, Jupiter will influence a financial area in your birth chart.

This means, in other words, that a time of change, a different stage is starting, and many of your actions will be financially positive.

All Taureans who are going through a rough financial time, a crisis, will be able to regain their hope, because their lifestyle should improve.

This Thursday will also favour the rearrangement of your investments and there's doors opening for new incoming ones.


Today you'll be super sensitive and you'll feel the need for some human contact. This should come to you as a chance to reflect when there's people around you who need hugs, and because you're so deep into your own sphere, you can't perceive that need.

Still, don't try too hard to go out with friends; right now, you're quite prone to seeing people under an unrealistic light.

The stars point out there's many benefits coming your way if you get a massage, but not a therapeutical one to untangle some of your back knots. We're talking about a simple relaxing massage.