Taurus Daily Horoscope
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You can be happy and draw a smile from ear to ear from the moment you wake up.

Your environment will be all about affectionate, sensual fusion with your partner, with a beautiful and magical flair, where your feelings will be burning, enthusiastic and impulsive.

According to the Magic Horoscope's predictions, this Friday you'll worship your loved one, you'll project all your actions upon their needs, you'll adore them unconditionally.

Why don't you allow yourselves to enjoy that unique, renewed romance running through your veins?

If you love someone you met not long ago, you'll feel something similar but slightly lighter; still, you'll see there's some room for seduction and sensory experimentation games.


Venus' presence in finances does not pose any concern initially, because this is a naturally positive planet.

Despite that, you should be cautious about your spending, especially with the one you weren't initially planning to do.

Like those gifts you enjoy getting for your loved ones, something that can be quite valuable.

The problem comes when generosity throws your financial balance off the cliff, and that's something you shouldn't allow to happen.

Professionally, you should expect to get some attractive proposals in your hands, although it might be best not to make a quick choice, and you'd be better off carefully analysing every offer you get to choose what's best in the end.


You seem to have a problem with the world that hasn't been solved in the best way. The Magic Horoscope will have you be less expansive than usual.

As native Taureans, today you'll feel like staying sheltered away in your secret garden, and you won't like anyone meddling into your private life or the peace you're looking for.

Thus, people who are too curious or nosy won't be welcome, but try not to be hurtful when you send them away.

Remember to take proper care of your body and save it to enjoy the weekend ahead, because if you surpass your limits you can end up having health issues.

You should especially avoid excess effort when taking weights.