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With Mercury's support, you'll be able to efficiently fight back the bullying from toxic, harmful individuals around you who try to ruin your relationship routines.

The Magic Horoscope for Taurus encourages you to make the most of the here and now to solidify your relationship ties if you're married.

It's ideal to strengthen your bond to your partner, and you could even find a new, exotic side of your relationship.

Are you on holiday? Single as well? Because the current star arrangement will make you feel quite attracted about anything coming from the outside.

Thus, you may meet your soulmate during a holiday and you may decide to leave home to start a new adventure together.


Relax your mind and body a little, because there's no reason for you to get nervous.

With the blessing of the stars in the Magic Horoscope, your professional projects will get a good chance at success in their best conditions, and perhaps also in more complicated ones as well.

But it'll be important that you act wisely and elegantly; be careful and don't behave like an anarchist.

It's essential for you to know how to measure and coordinate your efforts and those of your team if you have one. Every now and then, they would bring your progress at a standstill and bring more chances of failure.

Besides, you can congratulate yourselves for your recent financial strategy; it was worth it. You won't only balance your budget; you'll also help your resources to grow and be more evident.

Follow that track where you're more of an ant rather than a grasshopper in the next few days.


Don't act too smart and avoid abusing medications or other substances if your doctor didn't actually prescribe them to you. According to the Magic Horoscope's warnings, native Taureans are at risk of getting poisoned.

Calmness will be especially beneficial for you at this stage, so be clever and brave.

You need to improve your mind control. Do some extra efforts to get into your mind the idea that nobody's perfect, including yourselves.