Taurus Horoscope TOMORROW

20 Apr - 20 May

Taurus tomorrow: Your horoscope for the January 22, 2020

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You’ll be one of the most curious signs of the whole Magic Horoscope, you want to discover new points of view and, above all, the truth in some matters. Before you play detective, the stars have a piece of advice for you: don’t ask things you don’t want to hear the answer to.

Respect other people's privacy: your partner’s, your children’s, your own. There are some things that they don’t have to share with you, however much they love you.

If you scratch beneath the surface more than usual, you might find a series of battles that you shouldn’t have to fight. Plus, the other person might feel attached by your attitude, which could be deemed gossipy, Taurus.

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You had already marked on your schedule that this Wednesday would be a day to spend money; that allowing yourself some whims today won’t do you any harm. And this is true, so long as you’re a moderate Taurus.

It’s important that you avoid making big purchases, of the kind that you have to spread out over several payments. In a couple of months, you’ll regret your decisions: you’ve been warned by the Magic Horoscope.

At work, there could be problems, but your creativity will allow you to find a solution, sooner or later. With sensibility as your flag, nothing will be impossible for you.


Tidy up your house and, above all, your fridge and pantry, to avoid eating anything that’s gone bad. Check what you have and their expiry dates. Those that are going off soon should be the inspiration for today’s dishes.

Try to give more light to your Wednesday, pull up all the blinds at home, let light find you and fill you with energy.