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Virgo Weekly Prediction for 1-7 October

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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The week starts with potentiality and a danger, and everything goes together: your well-being will depend on your ability to distinguish and calculate. You will receive an extraordinary sensitivity to open your senses to what happens around you and absorb everything to live life as a fundamental experience. 

But at the same time, the excesses can bring you some displeasure. Look for the peace you need in the family nucleus and home and avoid conflict situations and unknown spaces where you don't feel safe.

That will become apparent at the end of the week when your love life will suffer some turbulence, and the ground will wobble beneath your feet in a bitter combination of insecurity and suffering. You will then discover the need to build a reliable and stable environment.

The week will continue on Wednesday with the need to open up and socialize, trying to make the most of all the good that others have to offer. On Thursday the priority is to balance the negative and positive feelings so that your energy field expands.

The weekend will be to meet your spiritual needs and realize that you are evolving and that you are a happier person now.


Progress and prosperity appear this week with strength in your economy, in your job and in your business. But it's not something that is going to fall from the sky, Virgo: Get your act together and take advantage of the opportunities!

To be successful at work, you don't have to use usual methods, and you have to discover your potential far from your usual way of working. On Tuesday you'll have new opportunities!

You'll start seeing the results on Wednesday, with good news at work, and also increases in the economic benefits. The trend will continue to rise for the Virgos' economy, although on Thursday problems begin to arise at work.

On the other hand, Virgos without a job need to start moving this weekend to end this situation of precariousness. The following days can be very advantageous in this sense. 

During the weekend, dedicate more time to reconcile work and pleasure, and when it comes to business, a very favorable situation for long-distance trade can open up, but you need good advice.


The beginning of the week will be difficult, days can get long and life uphill. On Monday you will still feel the effects of a viral process, and it's necessary that on Tuesday you abandon certain bad habits and put more discipline into your life.

The Magic Horoscope warns you that on Wednesday you are at risk to fall into a state of anxiety and stress that you can solve with alternative therapies. Aromatherapy, for example, can help you find relaxation through the smell and skin application of medicinal herbs such as lavender, mint or cinnamon.

At the end of the week you can continue to correct things to improve your health: on Thursday you have to reinforce your immunity through diet and some bad habits, and on Saturday you'll feel the need to correct some positions to put an end to muscular pain. 

On Thursday, your joints will hurt, so you'll have to rest at the weekend and recharge energies for the following week. 

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