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Virgo Weekly Prediction for 10-16 December

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When everything feels like it's cast in stone, Virgo, your faith could help you move mountains: face Monday the 10th with positivity and give it your best. This way, on Tuesday you'll let your passion roam free, and enjoy exquisite sexual connections. 

Change panic for momentum on Wednesday and discover the importance of small details that make life beautiful. On Thursday you'll have the energy to deal with problems in your inner circle, be careful as your close relationships are losing ground. 

On Friday you'll have to keep the lid on your passions and use your brain more. The weekend can be very satisfying for your love life: it evokes the first few days of the relationship, promotes communication and reminds you that love is a process that requires patience and determination. 


On Monday, you'll have a chance to make up for lost opportunities as you'll get a powerful influx of energy that will help you focus, think, and organize. During the week you'll need to plan things better so that you can stay ahead of the effects of stress. 

On Wednesday, the planets will urge you to forget about fear and reinforce your self-confidence because you're about to face important decisions at work. 

The height of your week will be reached on Thursday when you'll be faced with negative changes in your financial state which will require you to tighten the budget and overcome all difficulties. Good luck, however, is not far away and on Saturday you'll have a chance to forget about your economic troubles. Make the most of it and unleash your potential. 

Organize your finances and pay your debts this weekend, remember the importance of self-control, and that you need to block any mistrust that you feel toward those around you. 


On Monday, your excellent good health will encourage you to continue with your good habits, some as simple as eating apples to fight cholesterol and high blood pressure. Tuesday will be the day you might have to reconsider your eating habits: try organic food. 

Forget about beauty tricks and obsessing over your looks this Wednesday: what you really need is to find your inner beauty. A fantastic day on Thursday, as you already renounced your fears and it will help reduce stress and nerves. 

On Friday you need to focus on healthy eating once again. The weekend looks nice and quiet: take advantage and find fun alternatives to your boring sex life. Don't forget to amp up the positivity and keep panic and anxiety at bay. 

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