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Virgo Weekly Prediction for 17-23 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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This week you’ll discover that it’s very difficult to make the most of life in all its aspects. On Monday your disappointment in the workplace will find comfort in love. However, be careful not to take out your frustration on the person you love most.

Tuesday will be the most important day of the week: you’ll be full of energy and ready to conquer the world. It’ll be a hectic day and the tempo will pick up even more. What’s more, an unexpected surprise, which will make you very happy, is awaiting you.

The week will go by at breakneck pace and on Wednesday star alignment will make you very sensitive causing you emotional ups and downs. In the middle of the week the stars suggest that you don’t get obsessed with ambitious dreams. Instead, enjoy little achievements in life.

On Friday you’ll release emotional blockages that have stopped you from having friendly relations with others, little by little you’ll start opening the depths of your soul. If you put scepticism and distrust aside, you’ll create a warm and caring environment.   

On Sunday the stars will bless you with a ray of light so you can continue guiding the people you love.

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Starting on Monday, you have to project your future towards new opportunities and don’t let the sensation of stagnation and frustration hold you back. On Tuesday too much hassle and pressure can lead you to mistakes. Think twice before making them.

Earning extra money on Wednesday will help you take a breather in the economy, although some obstacles will stop you from making your projects thrive. On Thursday you will feel overly stressed again and this won’t let you give the best of yourself.

Friday will be full of stress and tension and it’s a good idea to go unnoticed. In an effort to ease tensions concentrate on doing your job well. The awaited progression at work will have to wait, there’ll be some risks of trouble that won’t help you feel optimistic on Saturday.

On Sunday remember that your economy is still fragile and be careful with unnecessary expenses.


You can’t rest properly during the day because of stress and problems. This can lead to dizziness, sweating, headaches and imbalance which call for much-needed body rest. On Tuesday a relaxing bath and a massage after work will help you relax.

This week’s emotional and professional burden has absorbed all your energy and it will bring you down mentally and physically on Wednesday. Good mood and probiotics for a stomach-ache are your allies to save the day.

Thursday your spiritual growth and mental evolution will alleviate your physical complaints. Little by little the aching will disappear, although on Friday you’ll still have a cough and sore muscles.

On Saturday you’ll finally regain the agility of the body and mind. Sunday will be especially euphoric and there’s a possibility of overeating. Accept it and treat yourself.

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