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Virgo Weekly Prediction for 24-30 September

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This week can be very advantageous for your personal growth, Virgo, and to concentrate energies, vibrations and positive strengths that connect your being with your desires and your surroundings. You need to make an effort to change some aspects and show yourself more optimistic and energetic. You have to enjoy life every day, Virgo, with happiness and conviction!

Wednesday and Thursday will be key days. Because on Wednesday the position of the planets induces you to a rather sad and gloomy day, with a tendency to melancholy and sorrow, which, nevertheless, you have to challenge with an explosion of vitality and ability to overcome. On Thursday, if you know how to manage your positive energies well and use them to develop good feelings, you will grow spiritually.

The week will start stable, with moments to share with your family and reinforcing your self-esteem to face the days with courage. On Tuesday, however, you'll have to face the ghosts from the past; old, toxic relationships that threaten to ruin your week. Your family and your partner will also be the focus of attention at the weekend when the Virgo women will feel the influence of the moon. 


Job instability marks the beginning of this week for the Virgos, who will hear rumors of a change in their job, and that will lead to nervousness and lousy atmosphere. It's time to act calmly and avoid creativity and fantasy, even if on Tuesday your creative spirit needs to come out. However, luck changes in the middle of the week.

Because on Wednesday you'll receive an influx of positivity and ability for your professional tasks, an impulse and extra energy that will do you good to give way to the situation. It's time to start ambitious projects and to trust in your abilities.

Good luck continues at the weekend. On Friday you'll receive an offer for new jobs that, even though at the beginning might sound a bit ridiculous, they can be very advantageous in the future. Don't discard anything. Saturday increases the fluctuation of money for Virgos, which means profit growth. But beware, on Sunday your wasteful vein may come out.

Perhaps you should pay attention to the feelings you'll have on Thursday about prioritizing the spiritual over the material...


This week invites you to relax and enjoy. There are no significant problems, and your health condition is really well, but stress and some little ailments at the beginning of the week threaten with perturbing the tranquility of your body. Try to lower the tension and shake off the stress.

Wednesday is a perfect day to leave the city and breathe fresh air, where you can do some activity, or just abandon yourself to tranquillity, take a walk or even an oriental relaxation technique such as yoga.

The week will go by quite calmly. Some days, such as Tuesday and Friday, you must make an effort to get away from bad habits, and take advantage of these days to strengthen your mentality and regain optimism and vitality. On Sunday you will suffer the excesses of some copious food or perhaps you drank too much alcohol: overcome it with optimism.


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