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Virgo Magic Horoscope Prediction for August

Your Horoscope for August 2018
AugustHoroscope | Joan marc


Love: You need the Virgo fighter

The position of your ruling planet is taking a turn that leaves you at the expense of the solar eclipse, and that fills August with shadows and uncertainty. It won't be an easy month, bad energies will flow threatening to undermine the foundations of your relationships. But there is also a positive part in all this.

The month of August will be a personality test for you, the definitive test to discover where you are.

As for love, if you have a stable partner you will need maturity and commitment, courage and dedication. In the first days of August you will feel unattended by your partner and you will have to learn to ask to say sorry. You will also feel that there is a plot around you so you won't be happy. Day 15 will be especially complicated, with a serious crisis.

In addition, during the month of August attractions towards other people will arise, feelings that will make you feel disoriented. On the 11th you will fall madly in love with someone who won't be a good option. The month will end with an outburst of passion that can change everything. Or will it be just a mirage?

Virgos who are single open up several opportunities for new conquests but, again, it won't be easy. The challenge for everything to evolve as you expect is to break the blockage of your emotions and show yourself in a natural way.

If you manage to give more weight to other facets of your life and relativize the love issues, you will feel much better.


Money: Change of strategy

This can be a productive month for Virgos, but you have to make a change of strategy in your finances. The general tonic will be to moderate stability without great ups and downs, neither for good nor for bad.

The month will begin with the requirement that you become aware of your possibilities: If you think you're going to achieve something, you can achieve it. Day 2 and day 5 are very propitious to redesign an economic growth plan. The week of 6 to 12 is very important to cut expenses and readjust the financial balance. You have too much money in the speculative economy, and you should focus more on the productive economy.

Day 16 is ideal to launch an idea or a project.

The week of 20 to 26 will be loaded with work, so you should intensify your efforts for the remainder of the month. On days 22 and 23 you attract influential people who can bring you money, and on the 24th the lunar change changes the trend towards better. The last week the income could increase.



Far from the tranquility that can be expected from a month like August, these can be a few weeks quite moved and irregular in regards to your health.

The first week with several affectations that, without representing a direct threat to your health, prevent the normal development of your day to day life and, the truth is, they are quite annoying. Be especially careful with the anemia that leaves you so exhausted, with the bronchitis of day 4 and, something that you drag on for a long time, your nerves, which can affect your heart. This will be a constant for several days during the month of August.

Virgo women may have hormonal imbalances and irregular menstruation from day 8.

The weekend of August 11-12 will be key to change routines and abandon addictions, and the week of 13-19 the stars send you positive energy to calm your nerves and initiate a plan of meditation and anti-stress.

The month ends with some excesses, and day 24 can be key to the trend change: an important person will change your energy cycle taking you to the light.