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Virgo Forecast for December 11

Prediction for Tuesday
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You insist on rationalizing everything, Virgo, including the fiery impulses your heart gets when you're attracted to a new love interest. You take things so far that you think desire and falling in love are negative emotions. 

Why not break down these self-imposed barriers? Forget about your fears and prejudices, and satisfy your most primal desires.  

Don't expect a life-long relationship, or starting a family, but passion and sex can teach you many wonderful things especially if the person you're sharing them with resonates with your vibration. They may not be so romantic, but passing liaisons could make you happy. 


If you manage to organize your time better and optimize your tasks, you'll save yourself a lot of work-related stress. This is the first in many busy days to come, which is great for your professional life but at the same time, it requires proper organizing. 

Remember that the most important thing is to have a level head, ready to evaluate and foresee, because ultimately a rational mind is more efficient at solving problems than an emotional approach. Put on your professional hat, and remain calm. 

Today you might enjoy a few pleasant surprises, but if you don't pay close attention, these opportunities might pass you by. Keep your eyes peeled. 


You need to get on top of your disordered eating habits once and for all, Virgo. You risk unexpected weight loss or gain, and an overall imbalance in your body, starting with your blood pressure. Avoid night meals, follow a healthy eating routine, and switch to organic food. 

Small changes to your diet, chosen wisely and done gradually, could facilitate the balance that your health desperately needs. Don't make the mistake of believing that a strict diet will end all your problems if you're not mentally prepared for it. 

Change your daily habits, improve your sleep quality, and do more exercise. 

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