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Virgo Magic Horoscope for December 13

Daily Prediction for Thursday
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No one is ever prepared for conflicts with a loved one, or betrayals, or words that hurt and leave a scar in our hearts. Keeping things in perspective will be the only way to cope with the tensions of today. 

If you try and deal with your personal and marital crises from an emotional standpoint, you're setting yourself up to fail, Virgo, because you're not rational. You're therefore left at the mercy of your emotions, and this will only add tension to your state.

Try to take a step backward and get a bit of perspective on things.  Reflecting on your life will help you make better decisions. Your maturity and sense of responsibility will prove extremely profitable.    


You are going through a period of recession, and you'll be forced to reevaluate certain mistakes and amend them. This will frustrate you and be a significant cause of concern: you'll end up feeling useless and clumsy. In reality, however, the problem is your low self-esteem. 

We're talking about minor issues here, that are worth correcting if they will contribute to improving your performance and motivation to keep going. You need a healthy dose of energy, optimism, motivation, and self-esteem. You need to trust yourself more!


You're focusing all your attention on the magnitude of your problems without realizing that you should look at your fears. They have a paralyzing effect on your body, and they prevent you from facing said issues with determination, ready to obliviate them. Coming to terms with this will be an important step you take today, Virgo. 

This is the only way to start fighting against your fears and have a more decisive attitude in life. If you manage to get rid of ancient, irrational fears, you will become the master of your destiny, and there will be no obstacles that you won't be able to overcome. 

You'll get rid of anxiety faster than you imagined, and you'll do so without the need of medicine. It's all in your head, Virgo, and you're the one controlling it. 

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