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Virgo Prediction for 15 December

Your Horoscope for Saturday
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Your ideas about love have gotten antiquated and monotonous, and your love life, so explosive in the beginning, is slowly dying of boredom. It's time you made a decision, Virgo. 

According to Magic Horoscope, it would be a mistake to drastically change things and throw in the towel: this relationship has many potential benefits that could enrich your life and further your personal growth. 

The problem is you have mistaken comfort for love, and you've permanently killed all the passion in your relationship. It's a perfect day to plan activities together, preferably the same ones you used to at the beginning of your relationship; this way you will evoke happy memories of when you first started dating. 


Today, you might be faced with compromising situations which force you to take important decisions which you cannot postpone. Delegating them is also not a viable option and this is the moment to showcase your leadership abilities. 

For the rest of the day, try to deal with these decisions rationally. Forget about your emotions and evaluate the situation from a risk-benefit perspective. 

Organize your finances and prioritize paying off all your debts so you can enter the new year with a clean slate. 


On days like today, when your sex drive is almost nonexistent, you need to think of alternatives to help revive your experiences as a couple. Don't forget that sex is an essential part of being in a relationship. 

If you have a closer look, you might realize that most of your problems as a couple originate in a dissatisfactory sex life. Try to bring back more energy into this area of your lives, and you will be able to mend the broken connection between you two. 

Physical exhaustion and stress are the main obstacles that stop Virgos from having a fulfilling sexual life. Have you thought about creating a safe space that allows you to have sex without any pressures? Trying new things could restore your motivation. 

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