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Virgo Daily Prediction for 19 December

Wednesday’s Virgo Forecast
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Today's astral conjuncture and vibration will offer Virgo natives a surge in emotional energy that will be reflected in extreme mood swings. You'll be highly susceptible to outside factors, uneasiness, uncontrolled fits of laughter, and random tears. Today more than ever you need to be in control of your feelings. 

If you manage to channel all this energy, you might end up benefiting from a boost in courage, making you a more decisive and extroverted Virgo. 

In terms of love and passion, this increase in sensitivity will make you feel more loving and more romantic. If you have a significant other, today will be the perfect day to shower them with affection, and if you're single, it will bring out the seducer in you.  


Today you will experience a nervous state of mind perhaps because of your job performance, or the process of looking for employment, or maybe due to the difficulties you're facing with an ongoing project. All of this nervousness is detrimental to both your mental and physical health, so you need to keep the anxiety in check. 

You may experience crucial moments today and come across opportunities that can solve all your financial problems. 

Having said this, it would be too early to think of bank loans and buying properties. Wait for the perfect moment to start investing; moderation is key. 


The excesses you've been indulging in these past few days will take their toll on you today. The worst thing about it is that the positive energies you started your day with will end up depleted by this negative episode. Your mood might also suffer because of stomach pain. 

Cheer up and try to keep things in perspective: the planets' advice is to stay positive and face pain with your bravest face. Your attitude will provide you with enough energy to overcome this difficult moment. Probiotics could help alleviate your stomach problems and restore your intestinal flora. 

The rest of the day will go by uneventfully, and it will be a pleasant afternoon for recovering Virgos; it will offer them the resting time needed to get back on their feet. 

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