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Virgo Daily Horoscope for December 21

Your Horoscope for Friday
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Your surrounding energy is improving and its due to the planets' influence as well as your own view on life, you've managed to overcome certain blockages. The fact that you're experiencing new opportunities has a lot to do with your change of attitude. 

The fact that your personality has grown and your heart is more open, thus solving your problems and highlighting your virtues, makes you a much more attractive person for those around you. 

Make the most out of this critical moment and apply your newfound vitality to your love life as well. If you're in a committed relationship, try and mend any broken bonds and if you're single, stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out there and meet new people. 

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Things are slightly tense at work, and even though the holidays are approaching, there is still a certain pressure that can be felt. Doing your job to the best of your abilities is the ideal way to avoid any problems and go by unnoticed. Try not to draw too much attention to yourself. 

If you're lucky enough to have a day off this Saturday, remember the importance of sharing house chores with your partner because you'll still have enough work to do around the home.

So shake the laziness off and get busy. You might resent losing your free time at first, but you'll see how staying active will help boost your vitality and improve your well-being.   


Aside from a few problems with your sinuses this morning, which you can treat with steam baths and drinking lemon juice, the day will go by calmly and in accord with the positive vibrations that run through your body. 

Today could teach you valuable lessons, and although certain Virgo natives could experience some muscular or back pain, your optimism and vivaciousness will act as a powerful medicine. 

Perhaps you'll discover that stuffing your body full of prescription drugs is only weakening your immune system and that it would be much better to eat better and have more positive thoughts. 

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