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Virgo Daily Horoscope for December 22

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Building a reliable support system around you will help you overcome specific barriers that are getting in the way of your success. Especially today, you have so much to offer, but fear is a powerful deterrent. Try to get rid of your skepticism. 

Today promises to be another colorful thread in life's rich tapestry. You'll experience unexpected events and stimulating encounters with people who have a positive influence on you. It's up to you if you make the most of these incidents. 

Your sensuality is so dazzling that it's blinding everyone but yourself. Capricorn natives are going through a period of irresistible attraction, and if you became aware of it, you could make the most of the situation. 

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Your plans for a better future will have to wait for a while because, for some reason, that promotion you kept expecting is nowhere to be seen. On the contrary, you'll experience some problems which make you believe that hard days are coming. 

Feels like the flow of your economy and the professional trends around you are being shaped by your creative energy more than ever. You are more influential than you think, you have the power to change the course of events. 

As much as you want to attribute what's happening to chance, in these difficult times the planets trust you fully when it comes to controlling your environment. Now is the time to overcome your difficulties. 


The days are getting lighter, and that dark cloud that seemed to follow you around is gone. Your head feels better, and your muscles don't ache anymore, your heart is open and your body more energized. 

It's time you started having a more dynamic lifestyle, swap stress for exercise, anxiety for enthusiasm and always being on the run for taking things slowly and enjoying them. 

You're feeling better, and your problems seem to have vanished. It's essential, however, to maintain a discipline of healthy habits that will strengthen your body and fight against infections and viruses.

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