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Virgo Daily Horoscope for December 25

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The planets will bestow you with peace and inner balance that will facilitate a perfect emotional flow that will guide you today. It could be an extremely happy day for natives that are in a committed relationship and a lucky one for single Virgos. 

You'll start the day with excellent news that will make you feel satisfied and forget about your worries. 

However, you might face some unpleasant moments and pessimism due to your tendency of reliving the past. Sometimes, past wounds, no matter how freash, should be left alone or they risk breaking the magic of such a special day. 


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A series of factors might work in your favor and bring about, in the shape of a pleasant surprise, additional income that will add even more joy to an already pleasant day. You should, however, try to avoid getting obsessed with money and focus on opening your heart to spirituality.   

On the other hand, however, the planets advise some unexpected expenses in your workplace as well as good fortune throughout the day. It's natural for tension to build up toward the end of the year, but you'll manage to cope with everything. 

It would be a wise decision to either review your budget and try to control your spending habits with the addition of new capital or adjust your expectations of Christmas gifts and the indulgences you allow yourself. Once again, the recommendation is not to obsess over these matters. 


Similarly to the financial advice, you shouldn't dwell too much on superficial medical issues. You could experience some muscular pain and contracture, but it doesn't mean that you should keep yourself from enjoying the day to its fullest potential. 

When you're dealing with more severe problems, you should speak to your doctor and follow their advice, but you can also use the planets' influence to facilitate more opportunities. 

Happiness, faith, and cosmic conjuncture are powerful healing tools that complement your recovery. 

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