Virgo Daily Horoscope |



Your friends and family are inadvertently holding you back from your personal development, happiness and balance. You feel as if you're being pulled in every direction and your inability to satisfy everyone is making you unhappy and anxious. 

Taking a break from your friends and social life, distancing yourself from your family for a while is not something you should feel guilty about, on the contrary. 

Finding solace in your partner's arms or spending time alone will help you gather up the strength to rekindle your relationship with everyone. 


It's high time for a change of scenery, Virgo, but you must do it gradually and delicately, and avoid rash decisions. Significant shifts in your life such as improving your finances or changing your job should be treated with the utmost importance and patience. 

Your objectives must be clear: look for a steady job, with fixed hours that will offer the needed time to live a more relaxed life. Changing the hectic lifestyle that you lead will help be more satisfied with your work. 

As far as your finances are concerned, the change in perspective is obvious: apply a more conservative approach to saving and managing your spending, and be wary of risky investments. You must start this process gradually. 


Today you will learn the importance of accepting illness as a fundamental mindset that helps you overcome the fears that keep you from making a full recovery. You need to fully trust your success chances and have faith in your recovery. 

As severe and worrisome a medical condition might be, admitting that you are ill and explaining it to your friends (on your terms) will offer you the support that you desperately need at this moment. You will feel the power of friendship. 

All of these steps will facilitate a positive environment for you to fight against your ailment. There is no need to replace traditional medicine and the drugs your doctor prescribed to you with homeopathy, but you can't dismiss it as a complementary option either.