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Virgo Prediction for 5 December

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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Patching things up with your significant other allows you to be hopeful about the future, have a different perspective on things. It's definitely time to think about a life-long plan, new peaks of success and new adventures. 

Be careful, though: your destination must be a culmination of all your hard work over the years. Medium and long-term plans must cater to those accomplishments that you've worked so hard for. 

It's a perfect day to spend with your significant other, make plans and talk, take advantage of the safe space you have to stretch your relationship and leave behind any bad vibes, difficulties, and arguments. 


Today you will enjoy someone's generosity, be it indirectly or, in some cases, in the form of money and material possessions. Getting outside help is always a good idea, but remember not to rely on other people's money. 

In a way, this forces you to put an end to your stingy attitude and repay the people that have been generous with you. Don't look at it as just a financial transaction, but as a symbol of spontaneous mutual support. 

You will need to put your foot down at work and make sure other people don't take the credit for your work. Nearsightedness could come back to hurt you, and lack of ambition will only worsen your job performance.   


Your personal relationships could get so aggravating that you might experience anxiety and a poor general state of mind. The most important thing is to find your inner balance and control how you respond when you're being provoked.  Avoid conflict. 

Aside from the mental consequences, you could also struggle with indigestion, so you need to reduce the number of spicy foods and foods that hurt your stomach. Prioritize eating fruit: smoothies could be very beneficial to your health. 

Native Virgos that have a cold or the flu could experience some ear pain, so stick to your treatment and get plenty of rest. Painkillers will help you get through today.

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