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Virgo Forecast for December 6

Prediction for Thursday
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You desperately need a day off, and not just to rid yourself of stress, mental, or physical exhaustion but to also keep growing your relationship, as you have for a while now. 

Although your evolution as a couple is going as planned, sometimes, one of the partners is more invested than the other which creates mistrust and reproaches. 

The main thing to remember in your couple is to have the courage to stand up to stressful situations and do so with humility. If you look at things this way, it won't matter who contributed more to solving your marital problems. 

A romantic getaway, far from the city, somewhere in nature preferably, will help you reconnect with each other and with the universe. The rest will follow suit. 


For one day, you could (and you must!) forget about your financial worries. Forget the headaches you get over investments, bank statements, or the loose ends you can't seem to tie up. Today there will be no thoughts of bills, debts, or recessions. 

A day spent relaxing will allow you to clear your head and charge your batteries. The best activities you could do today involve manual work, so maybe this could be your chance to restart a hobby or do some work around the house. 

On the other hand, you will meet someone today who will try and tempt you with lucrative offers and opportunities. Just say no to the invitation and focus on resting. 


You've been experiencing some discomfort in your throat area, and it might be a swollen ganglion. This could be a sign of infection which could lead to catarrh and eventually to tonsillitis

This is not the time to risk getting ill, and especially getting tonsillitis and be bedridden for days. Use lemon and garlic and natural remedies against bacteria, and remember to rest and drink loads of water to eliminate toxins. 

Go outside, get fresh air, and revitalize your lungs and brain. 

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