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Virgo Horoscope for 7 December

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A hectic day today, full of changes and fast decisions, a whirlwind that you seemed to be trapped in. It's up to you if you let it swallow you whole or if you can break through into a new stage of your life. The only thing that could keep you from reaching your objectives is indecisiveness born out of fear; you have everything else to succeed. 

You should feel hopeful especially if you trust your instinct and let your core values guide you. This shift has to come in the form of evolution and not a renouncement of one of your personality traits. Change implies solidifying your winning factors and turning negatives into positives. 

There are people close to you that could serve as role models in coping with this process. It's great to meet new people but don't forget about your inner circle of faithful friends that are part of your life. 


When things don't turn out the way you wanted them to, you have two options: either blame yourself for the failure or learn from your mistakes and focus on getting better. 

Option number one clearly originates from a place of frustration and low self-esteem. These past few days haven't been too favorable in terms of success, and the planets warn you that you might get overwhelmed by your situation. However, be careful not to make the mistake of believing yourself to be a failure. 

This line of thinking is absurd and completely counter-productive, it only keeps you from moving forward. But if you choose the second course of action, and focus on getting better results, you subconsciously realize the fact that you have enough resources to keep improving. 

It benefits your self-esteem and makes you more resilient. 


A healthy diet is a challenge you must set yourself, Virgo, but it does involve changes in the ways you relate to others. For example, what will you do when your friends go to a fast food place? How will you mix entertainment and pleasures with a strict diet? 

From this point of view, the upcoming Christmas holidays are an added temptation. Luckily, you are going through a process of growth, and the planets are pushing you toward a more balanced lifestyle. Once you reach an ideal level of maturity, you will know how to control your impulses better.  

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