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Virgo Magic Horoscope for December 8

Daily Prediction for Saturday
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Mixing certain personal relationships could end in conflict, because trying to please everyone around you, take everyone's character into account, their interests and preferences, is nothing but a fantasy. You'll feel much more satisfied if you focus on your happiness. 

Some people might call you selfish, but you know that's not the case, Virgo. Trying to solve inner conflicts and take care of your happiness while making sure you don't harm those around you or nature, is a clear sign of intelligence and maturity. 

In addition to this, your retreat is a way of creating a safe space that you could later use as the basis of friendlier relationships with those around you. Slowly but surely, you will start meeting their expectations from the standpoint of honesty. The opposite of this would be to interrupt any communication. 


Knowing how to manage a significant and sudden influx of cash is no easy feat for you Virgo, and today you need to let moderation guide you. You will have a powerful urge to spend though, a nagging sensation that you can't let a Saturday go past without buying something. 

On the other hand, however, the planets are offering native Virgos an increase in energy that will enable you to accomplish your goals and work harder than you have ever. Make the most of this boost in energy as it will keep you occupied during the day and out of those tempting shopping malls. 

Working on a Saturday is not the wisest decision, but we're sure that you have some pending activities around the house or a hobby that you never get round to enjoying. Now is the time to do it. 


Chronic headaches on both sides of the head, or just on one, could be a clear symptom of fatigue and stress, which manifests itself as high blood pressure resulting in headaches. 

When this happens, lie down in bed or on a sofa, close your eyes, either in silence or with some relaxing music, and try to fall asleep or reach a pleasant state of relaxation. 

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