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Virgo Daily Prediction for 9 December

Sunday's Virgo Forecast
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Towards the end of today, you might feel doubtful about yourself. These thoughts don't stem from outside criticism but from the insecurity you created by being so demanding with yourself. You've crossed the line of self-flagellation Virgo, and you've reached the point where you're punishing yourself for mistakes you didn't even make.  

It's imperative that you bring back kindness as a way of life. Our presence on this earth is a work in progress, a daily struggle to improve one's character, and strive to be better every day. It should never be about obsessively pursuing beauty and excellence. 

We all make mistakes, Virgo, and we all need to evaluate our behavior and see what needs to be improved. Try and relax today and you'll understand that you need to be more gentle with yourself. 


Your demanding attitude could make you see mistakes where there are none. If the results of one of your projects was unsatisfactory, then you need to have a closer look at what happened and correct it. Starting over from scratch would be detrimental to your work and self-esteem. 

Today, someone who you don't see eye to eye with will give you an interesting perspective on things, one that you hadn't considered before. You will realize that sometimes prejudice and inflexibility hinder your attempts at success.   

If you manage to show you can be humble, and accept the new influences in your life, then you will have an extremely profitable day and not just from a financial point of view.  


Spending many hours doing a specific task, especially if it's sitting down at a desk and in front of a computer, could have unexpected consequences on your eyesight, your back, and your head. 

If at any point during the day you feel dizzy or weak, take a break, Virgo: today more than ever you need to learn how to balance work and rest. 

You will have plenty of quiet moments today, and you'll be able to make the most of them, listen to your body, and take the pulse of your state of mind. 

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