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Read Your Virgo Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Saturday 17th February

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A nice gesture of your partner will return all those feelings that seemed hidden and that had led you to grow apart, from today you won't probably feel so inclined to be carried along by the influence of that third person who has appeared in your life.

Fortunately, things haven't got any bigger and today you will feel more determined than ever to give everything so you can be with that person who you share your life with.

Every cloud has a silver lining and sometimes these love tests are necessary as they help us reaffirm that what we have is what we want.

You will have to decide if you share everything that has happened with that person or if, on the contrary, you turn the page.


The day you least expect it you could be proposed a big challenge, for example the chance to do something that no one has ever done before. You'll be attracted by the idea of solving that problem that your company has had for many years and no one has been able to solve before. 

To think that you could become a kind of "legend" if you manage to solve that situation and also doing it without much effort, will be your main motivation.

However, you may be trusting yourself too much and even though that is a good and necessary thing, abusing too much of it can bring negative consequences.


The state of your body is something that has suddenly started worrying you too much. You can see signs from miles away and, when you get closer, you discover that they had nothing to do with what you expected.

A spot under a mole, a rash or something you've seen in your skin that wasn't there before will seem the beginning of the end.

Be a bit realistic if you want to save yourself a hard time, it's totally unnecessary and not recommended. After all, the one who ends up suffering more than what they should is you.


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