Virgo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



In the next few days you will develop a kind of awkwardness: you will make the people who want to know you better to disappear like smoke in a few days' time.

You may unconsciously be showing that you have some fear of commitment or that you feel insecure when taking the step for different reasons.

If you feel that it is not the time to start a relationship, don't torture yourself for it: do what you really want to do and let the river follow its course. Having a partner shouldn't be an obligation, but something voluntary that fills your life with happiness and not worry.


Your job has become your refuge throughout this month and that involvement has ended up making your professional profile part of your identity. An identity that, in addition, gives you the possibility to advance and evolve.

You are passionate about the idea of growing up and being someone more important, you seem a totally different person; someone capable of moving through the most recondite and unknown places with an ease that only gives experience and wisdom.

Take advantage of these qualities to externalize your intentions and your goals, people who show that they want to go far are usually the most likely to get there. If you feel like a winner, you will most likely become one.


The unexpected arrival of an importunate cold may endanger the stability of your health during today. Maybe those difficulties that you showed yesterday when moving have been part of the prelude to what is to come.

If the discomfort continues to increase, you will have to resign yourself and go back home. Getting away from others is the best thing you can do if you want your health condition not to get worse. Keep warm, stay away and keep trying to fulfill your obligations at your own pace.