Virgo Daily Horoscope |



When you shut yourself off, it's completely impossible for you to explain your feelings. In fact, not even your own partner is able to understand how you feel.

You isolate yourself from the world and become a completely inaccessible person, you build an insurmountable wall that doesn't allow you to express yourself.

Maybe today you try to pretend that nothing is happening or to avoid the arguments, but ignoring the reality won't fix things. If you act like this you're making a serious mistake that will end up taking your toll, don't make your situation worse.

On the other hand, you should try to leave the problems of others to them; there are decisions that even if we want, they're not our choice to make.


That eagerness to isolate yourself is leading you to adopt a kind of complicated attitude at work. That lonely way of acting it's what is causing all those misunderstandings in which you have been recently immersed.

Your independent character plays tricks on you in a sector like yours, where teamwork is very important. In the past you have had to face some important setbacks that have meant the end of your jobs and once again you seem to want to repeat the situation again.


The periods of transition and those moments in which your personal and/or work situation is not what you wish it was can cause real havoc in you.

You want to move your mind away from problems by focusing your attention on aspects of your appearance that you could improve, hoping to feel better about yourself and recovering your spirits a bit.

Leaving aside that loss of appetite that you must solve as soon as possible, these days you have to be especially careful with the decisions you make regarding your body. Not everything you find on the Internet is good for you.